F.P. Journe

Introducing Exclusively: F.P. Journe Chronomètre Holland & Holland Watch

F.P. Journe Chronomètre Holland & Holland is regularly said in an indistinguishable breath from other autonomous watchmakers like Kari Voutilainen or Vianney Halter, yet the truth of the matter is that he works in an unexpected way. Not at all like his counterparts, Francois-Paul Journe’s eponymous image really utilizes a little armed force of watchmakers […]

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Most Valuable Watch Brands

2017 World’s Most Valuable Watch Brands

Every year, the advertising research expert Kantar Millward Brown issues a report positioning the Most Valuable Watch Brands by their assessed image esteem. The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Watch Brands, as the report is called, positions the world’s best 100 brands as far as brand value. It likewise positions the most profitable brands in […]

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Orange Samurai

The “Orange Samurai” from Seiko

Today, Seiko has discharged the Prospex “Orange Samurai” SRPB97 look for the USA showcase, and until further notice as an pre-arrange elite. Seiko has not kept down on rereleases profiting by the faction status of certain watches including vintage pieces yet in addition even extremely late models -, for example, the exceptionally late Grand […]

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Univaque Strela Cosmoswatch

Floats Off In Space with Univaque Strela Cosmoswatch

The 1960s saw the apex of room investigation and it was a period when the world watched in ponder as history was made over and over. Fortunately for watch fans, this start in space investigation additionally put the focus on some extraordinary timepieces – like the Omega Speedmaster, the Seiko 6139-6002 (later on in the […]

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Rolex Air-King

Comparison Review : New vs. Old Rolex Air-King

The Rolex Air-King has constantly involved a basic, section level position among the Rolex lineup. While it has constantly gotten far less consideration than some of Rolex’s other, more costly and more component stuffed offerings, the Rolex Air King has an interesting, rich history that ranges more than seventy years of close consistent creation. Truly, […]

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Montblanc Launches It’s First Smartwatch

Montblanc has turned into the primary multi-item extravagance brand to dispatch a savvy, with its Android-based Montblanc Summit timepiece to touch base in Australia in May. Vintage looks and premium materials give the vibe of a genuine watch on the wrist and the timepiece’s show is secured by a somewhat bended sapphire glass, a world […]

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Smartwatches 2.0

Now Smartwatches 2.0 can be Upgrade via Google Play Store

Smartwatches aren’t care for cell phones. They’re somewhat littler, obviously, however they additionally don’t have a tendency to get the same number of updates. Take Google’s Android Wear for example: Nearly a year passed by before the hunt mammoth took off Smartwatches 2.0, the most current rendition, to watches that delivered with Android Wear 1.0. […]

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Rolex Launch The New Yacht-Master 116655

Until now, the Yacht-Master was only available in stainless steel with an available platinum bezel and was used to taking a backseat to other Rolex collections. For 2015, Rolex has released a contrasting and very contemporary version that managed to steal the new Rolex show. To start, As a result of this the Yacht-Master has […]

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apple watch vs rolex

Apple Watch vs Rolex, who is better ?

Hello you favor individuals who cherish sparkly costly watches. There is another player in the market. Meet the Apple Watch, the tech association’s initially push into the extravagance showcase. The wearable gadget begins at $349 in the US or £299 in the UK for the section level Apple Watch Sport. What’s more, on the off […]

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rolex replica sale

The Heritage collection Rolex Replica Sale

Mention Bamford Watch Department and you will get mixed looks from watch lovers. Understandably, there are those who think that customizing a Rolex is almost sacrilegious. On the other hand, there are those who defend Bamford and insist that they provide a cool option for watch lovers who love replica Rolex watches but want something […]

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