Comparison Review : New vs. Old Rolex Air-King

The Rolex Air-King has constantly involved a basic, section level position among the Rolex lineup. While it has constantly gotten far less consideration than some of Rolex’s other, more costly and more component stuffed offerings, the Rolex Air King has an interesting, rich history that ranges more than seventy years of close consistent creation.

Truly, the Rolex Air-King has dependably been as a moderately little, and downplayed timepiece. The longest-running cycle of the Air-King accumulation, the reference 5500, most nearly takes after a more unassuming, stripped-down rendition of their Oyster Perpetual line of watches. However more as of late for Baselworld 2016, Rolex totally upgraded the Air-King with the reference 116900 – this time with a completely new appearance, and a refreshed arrangement of highlights at no other time included reporting in real time King line of watches.


Comparison Review : New vs. Old Rolex Air-King

Outline: New versus Old Rolex Air King

Rolex Air-King


The reference 5500 Air-King is 34 mm in measurement, and utilizations Rolex’s great Oyster case combined with an acrylic precious stone. Without a date intricacy, GMT-hand, or chronometer affirmation markings, the dial of the reference 5500 is a standout amongst the most straightforward and uncluttered plans that Rolex has ever produced. All through its 37-year long creation run, the reference 5500 was fitted with a wide range of dial hues and hour markers; however the general plan of the reference 5500 Air-King stayed unaltered.


Rolex Air-King


The new, reference 116900 Air-King is a solid takeoff from the work of art, downplayed outline of the reference 5500. While as yet holding fast to the plan of a period just watch, the instance of the reference 116900 Air-King has expanded to 40 mm in distance across and the precious stone is presently produced using engineered sapphire as opposed to acrylic. Furthermore, there is just a single dial alternative accessible for the reference 116900, and that is dark with a blend of connected, Arabic hour markers and white printed minute markers, with yellow and green accents on the dial and hands.


Developments: New versus Old Air-King

Rolex Air-King


The reference 5500 Air-King was fitted with both Rolex’s Caliber 1520 and Caliber 1530 developments, basically relying upon the time in which the watch was produced. As a section level offering inside the Rolex lineup, the reference 5500 did not get a chronometer-ensured development, and thus, its dial did exclude any content in connection to chronometer confirmation. The adjustment in developments did not happen momentarily, and there were various years of cover, in which the reference 5500 was fitted with both Caliber 1520 and Caliber 1530 developments.


Rolex Air-King


The reference 116900 Air-King utilizes a similar Caliber 3131 development that is found inside the contemporary Rolex Milgauss. As this is a cutting edge development that is still underway, the Caliber 3131 is pressed loaded with Rolex’s most recent exclusive advances, for example, their hostile to attractive, blue Parachrom hairspring. Notwithstanding being impervious to attractive fields, the Caliber 3131 is additionally a guaranteed Swiss chronometer, implying that the new, reference 116900 Air-King gets the going with “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” lines of content on its dial.


Unpretentious Differences: New versus Old Air-King

Rolex Air-King


Notwithstanding its hostile to attractive, Caliber 3131 development, the reference 116900 Air-King likewise gets its case from the Milgauss, contend with against attractive Faraday confine. To suit its ferromagnetic amalgam internal shield, the reference 116900 is fundamentally thicker than the exemplary reference 5500 Air-King, and significantly bigger than the contemporary reference 214270 Rolex Explorer, with its 39 mm case breadth.

To coordinate its new, bigger case, both the crown, and the carry width have been expanded to keep up the adjust and extents of its plan. The reference 116900 will appear to be extremely natural to those that are all around familiar with the Rolex Milgauss; and because of the substantial number of parts that are shared between the two watches, the general feel of the reference 116900 Air-King will be practically indistinguishable to that of the present-year Milgauss as well.

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The Air-King line has dependably been one of Rolex’s most basic and open offerings, furnishing clients with the greater part of the trademark characteristics of a Rolex watch with no incidental highlights at all. The exemplary reference 5500 Air-King has a moderate list of capabilities, and is genuinely ageless in its outline, while the new reference 116900 Air-King is an altogether present day watch, with the counter attractive abilities to coordinate. Regardless of whether you are searching for a downplayed vintage timepiece or a bright and contemporary Rolex watch, the Air-King line is an amazing choice with a scope of styles to suit any accumulation.


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