Owner of World’s Most Legendary Watches Passed Away

Prior today, news broke that King Michael I, the previous leader of Romania, passed on at age 96 in Geneva. While there are a lot of Legendary Watches reasons why the ex-ruler is fascinating – he really controlled Romania twice, had an influence in World War II, and so forth – he is known for something unique altogether in horologically-slanted circles: his incredible Patek Philippe ref. 1518.

All alone, a 1518 is an exceptional watch. It’s the principal serially delivered never-ending timetable chronograph, and began a group of watches that would go ahead to be one of the leading figures for Patek Philippe over what is presently almost a century. The reference was presented in 1941 and was created for only 13 years, with roughly 281 aggregate pieces being delivered over that time. Most were made in yellow gold or pink gold, with four cases known to exist in steel (counting this record-setting watch).


The record-setting stainless steel ref. 1518.

Legendary Watches

Be that as it may, as indicated by Nicholas Foulkes’ book Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography, the watch was delivered in both platinum and a two-tone or multi-metal blend as well. It’s not something Foulkes talks about in any detail – the metal references “P” and “M” are basically recorded among the arrangements for the 1518 in the file at the back of the tome.

Furthermore, that conveys us to King Michael’s watch. For quite a while, the main proof of its reality was a photo of the youthful ruler in his military uniform gladly wearing a 1518 on his wrist. Since the photo is highly contrasting (clearly), it is difficult to tell what metal the watch is made of. This incited hypothesis that King Michael’s watch was one of the spurious two-tone cases of the 1518. For quite a long time this was accepted to be valid and it was basically gotten insight in the authority group. Improving the story even, Michael I kept on wearing the watch, and demonstrated no enthusiasm for discussing it openly or offering it.


The 1518 was just made in 281 cases, with yellow gold being the most widely recognized.

As you’d expect, this made gatherers considerably crazier. In 2014, Alfredo Paramico enlightened us regarding his everything expending journey for this watch on Talking Watches. Supposedly, in 1942 Patek Philippe made three 1518 cases in a blend of steel and pink gold, with one of them being amassed and going to King Michael. The planning is ideal for his watch, however that is everything to go on. What’s more, Paramico himself knows this. “I don’t generally have any confirmation of the presence of the watch,” he said. “So I began envisioning about a watch that most likely doesn’t exist!”

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Prior this year however, another photograph of King Michael and his watch surfaced (graciousness of Deployant)– and this one was in shading! The photograph plainly demonstrates the watch, which seems, by all accounts, to be made of yellow or rose gold. Albeit a few people may be frustrated this isn’t the absolutely crazy two-tone watch that legend guaranteed, this is as yet a greatly uncommon watch.

It’s practically incomprehensible to locate a 1518 with the first proprietor, significantly less a unique proprietor who happens to be a captivating European ex-illustrious. There’s no doubt in my mind this would at present be a major dollar watch in the event that it at any point came available to be purchased. We should recall that in November 2016, a yellow 1518 sold at Phillips for CHF 598,000 and a pink gold 1518 with an irregular amplifying gem got CHF 1,474,000 in a similar sale. There’s another silver coating here as well: The rarest 1518 of all is still out there some place, simply holding up to be found. How about we get looking.

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