Released, Tag Heuer Monopoly Special Edition Watches

Road craftsmanship has moved from the asphalts to historical centers and wrists with the principal piece by Alec Monopoly on the dial of a Tag Heuer Monopoly.


Alec Andon, a.k.a. Alec Monopoly, is well known for spray painting on New York’s boulevards. In 2008 he stood out as truly newsworthy with his work ridiculing the universe of fund and delineating individuals from popular culture. His play area has since spread to other worldwide urban communities whose dividers bear Tag Heuer Monopoly plans.



The widely acclaimed craftsman dependably has his face secured and is presently the TAG Heuer “Tag Heuer Monopoly” diplomat. The main constrained version watch (200 accessible) from this coordinated effort has the highlights of a Formula 1 display. The self-representation on the dial bears the craftsman’s mark iconography. The best hatted Tag Heuer Monopoly Man has a scarf around his face to stay mysterious, much the same as the craftsman.

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A quartz TAG Heuer development powers the white Super-LumiNova® hands, focal seconds and graduated scale lies on the dark PVD unidirectional pivoting bezel. The crown and back are screwed down to expand the case’s water-protection from profundities of 200m. The Formula 1 Alec Monopoly Special Edition accompanies a dark elastic lash and arrangement fasten in silk completed steel.

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