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1.When we received the watch, it is not working, why?
If it is an automatic watch, Upon receiving the watch, please wind it. Wind the watch by turning the crown for about 15 – 20 full turns is running on stored energy. It gains energy from human hand kinetic movement. When you do not wear it and it runs out of stored energy, it will stop. To make it tick again, you have to wind it for 10 – 12 rounds by turning the crown clockwise. To re-adjust the Day or Date back correctly, it depends on whether the crown is the one adjusting or it is recessed or button pusher. You can then adjust accordingly. For the crown, pull it out lightly once to adjust Date/Day (Most watches are like that). If you pull out the crown out twice, it will adjust Time. If it is a screw in crown, unscrew the crown anti-clockwise and follow the same instructions to adjust Date/Day and Time.
Some watches don’t have the second hand, you want to set the watch to correct time, then it will take you a few minutes to check if the watch is working or not.

2.Are pictures on your site taken of the real watch you are selling ?
We are sure the actual watches we are selling are the same to the picture, please trust to order

3. How do I set the time?
To set time, you need to unscrew crown anti-clockwise direction if you have a screw-in crown watch. You need to softly and slowly pull the crown out a little bit. The best way to do this is to use first and second finger and use finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the crown out with as little force as possible. You can feel a little “click”! Now you can set the time by turning it anti-clockwise. This would turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. When time is set, push the button back and screw the crown clockwise for a few rounds to ensure it is screwed back tig

4. I have a watch date, how do I change the date?
If you have a screw-in crown watch like a Rolex, you need to turn the crown anti-clockwise for a few rounds until the crown is loose. Then you need to pull the crown out softly, Please do this softly to avoid breaking the stem. You should feel a “click” here. There are two steps when you pull the crown out. The first step is for setting the date (and Day if you have a Rolex Day-Date). The second step is for setting the local time. When you are done with setting date and time, push back the crown and wind it clockwise for a few times to lock it.

5.What is screw-in crown? How is this different from others?
If you watch features a screw-in button, then turn the button anti-clockwise for a few rounds until it (the button) is loose. Then pull it (the button) out softly by using your thumb nail and first finger nail, softly, no force needed. You should then feel a “click” here.
There are two steps when pulling the button out. The first step is to set the date or day. The second step is for setting the local. You can only set Date forward by turning the button in one direction.
When you are done with setting date and time, push back the button and wind it clockwise for a few times. No need to lock it.

6. Does your watches come with original watch box?
Our watches don’t come with box, if you want watch box, you can order from us


1.How long does it take to dispatch your watches?
After received your payment, we will send out the order in 3 days. The rate of delivery depend on the deliver method.EMS will take 4-7 days to arrive after sending out the items, DHL will take 4-6 days, AIR MAIL will take 5-15 days

2.Do you dispatch the items ordered the same day the order was placed?
No, it usually takes some time before your order is dispatched. This allows our staff to verify the order details and to package the order. Once your order has been verified and confirmed, it is sent to our packaging and shipping department. We will send out the items in 3 days

3.I have to pay for customs ? Are there any other hidden fees I have to pay besides for the product and the shipping?
You order from us, you don’t need to pay for customs. No, there are no additional fees to be paid. Please trust to order from us

4.If I order more watches from you, do you give me discount?
Yes, we can give you discount if you order more watches from us. Buyers from USA, Canada, Australia, France, if order 6 watches or more than at once, we can free to deliver the items